Saturday, December 16, 2006

Brad said :
I need mineral water . The water I take after every game is taste like

Dialogue from a Korean drama serial " love story in Harvard", and nowadays I m burning my whole time watching this on internet, and I get addicted to it to some extent,,,and "addiction is always bad",,,,I say,,,,

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lance Armstrong

The seven-time Tour de France champion made an impressive marathon debut Sunday, accomplishing his goal of finishing in less than 3 hours and thrilling fans who seemed much more enthused at seeing Armstrong than watching a Brazilian man and a Latvian woman win titles earlier on a crisp autumn afternoon.

Armstrong's time was 2 hours, 59 minutes and 36 seconds. His shirt soaked in sweat, he virtually walked the last couple of steps to the finish line. He shuffled into a post-race news conference, his right shin heavily taped.

"I think I bit off more than I could chew, I thought the marathon would be easier," he said. "(My shins) started to hurt in the second half, especially the right one. I could barely walk up here, because the calves are completely knotted up."

He called the race "the hardest physical thing I have ever done" ? even more grueling than his worst days on the Tour.

"I never felt a point where I hit the wall, it was really a gradual progression of fatigue and soreness."

"Before the race that was my goal, I wanted to break 3 hours. But if you told me with 3 miles to go, `You're going to do 3:05,' I wouldn't have cared," he said. "Honestly, at the end I was so tired, I couldn't care. Now I'm glad I did."

Will he be back?

"Now's not the time to ask that question.The answer now is no, I'll never be back. But I reserve the right to change my mind," he said. "I don't know how these guys do it."

so he proved,,,he was the master of one but can't become the jack of all trades,,,,,,,but he can change his mind,,,,,i m loving the statements he gave in press conference after marathorn,,,,,,,freak i m,,,,never mind,,,,exam is so near,,,& i m doing this,,,,watching movies,blogging,,,day dreaming,,,,,,is there any kind of phobia like this ?,,,,

A lady start enjoying life,,,because her paper is quite near,,,,Please Allah Help me!........

Saturday, October 28, 2006

"The road to a friend house is never long"

no matter how far we are

you are always close to my heart

Sunday, October 08, 2006

8 oct 2005

8:52 AM

An earthquake measuring 7.6 on Richter scale hit azad Kashmir and some areas of N.W.F.P .it was indeed a very sad day. One can felt the sadness in the environment on that day. it was second Ramadan .I got up at 9 am and stunned to saw the rubble of Margalla hills. Up to that time we were unaware of the destruction happened in other areas.
Next day when TV channels started showing the destruction happened in muzafarabad,balakot and bagh ,,,,it was terrible
I still remember when Hamid Mir, Geo Reporter was in Kashmir ,,, he asked to a kid that why he is crying,,he pointed out to a body lying on the road and said he is my brother,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I still remember the video of the collapsing of margalla towers,,someone made through his/her mobile phone,,,and passerby said loudly " bhaion ! Kalima perh loo",,,,
Watching people crying for their loved one and parents holding the dead bodies of their kids,,,,,,,,,,,, those was days when I saw the grief in the face of every Pakistani,,,,,,,,
Some say earthquake was a test and some say it was a punishment from Allah,,,,Allah knows better.........
Brig.Ahsan who was in charge of azad Kashmir army when earthquake came,,,he himself lost his 10 year old son, but he came to work after burial to help other .

With all those tragic moments we faced as a nation on 8 Oct 2005,,one positive aspects was that the way we as a nation behaved was overwhelming,,,,,

Today is a first anniversary of 8 October earthquake, I saw the generosity of people last year but we need it again to rebuild the earthquake-affected areas

Aadmi ko jala ke sholon mein
Yeh tu kundan banana atee hain
Mushkilo se kabhi na ghabrana

Mushkilain azmane atee atee hain

Friday, September 22, 2006

An excerpt from " The path of Khan " published in The observer ,touched my heart,........... tears rolled down on my cheeks after reading this particular passage ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So I decided to write it here...........

"It was watching his mother die an awful death of cancer, unable to get treatment or even pain relief in Pakistan, that drove him to his proudest achievement, a $25m cancer hospital named in her honour in Lahore. He raised the money through campaigns and donation.
He started with Pakistan's richest men , many of whom had gone to his school, but quickly realised that generosity had nothing to do with wealth. So he went to the public: he enlisted the help of a small army of children - even though to start with he was terrified to stand up in front of a school assembly. 'In the end,' he says , 'I needed $4m in six weeks. I got an open jeep, put a big sack for money on the back and toured from north to south asking for help. I started at seven in the morning and carried on till midnight. In those six weeks I changed. I realised the generosity of tea boys, taxi drivers, the poorest people bringing 10 rupee notes - and also their faith. I was saying,"Don't worry: save your money". And they said, "We are not doing it for you, we are doing it for our God"."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

what should I write abt this is 6 September,,,

Day of a victory,,,Day of Destiny,,,Day of sacrifice...

This very day always bring loads of sentiments,,,but with pleasure,,

There is some sadness always there exclusively for me,,,

Sadness of being not one of them,,,,, but

I always try to console myself by saying that " I tried" and that's the thing which matter...

Some past days I came to realize,,,that Flying was not a suitable job for me, but
the fact was i really wanted to do that, but what Allah knows we don' that is the full stop of everyone's life.

On this day ,I also would like to write on my blog
one of my favorite quotation ..

" If I don't return, tell them that I sacrificed my today for their tomorrow"

says an air force official while taking off the plane ...................

Love this najam sheraz

In fizaoon se agey

asmano se agey

kehkashaoon se agey

hum ko jana hai kaheen

neelgon aasman

surma,een badliyan

bazoon main bharee

shoq ki bijliyan

in fizaoon mein yeh kaisa ehsaas

mai terey pas hoon tu merey pas

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rain is considered as blessing of Allah and indeed it is ,,,but if u r living in a city like karachi,,,,,then,,,u feel like submerged,,,,,,just 75 ml rain,,,26 people has died,,,,the worst traffic jam karachi seen on thursday,,,and 4 feet water on the roads,,,this is the condition of the biggest city of pakistan,,,i m hating all the establishment of pakistan for this,,,,just wondering is there any establishment there?? and city nazim,,,,,ohh,,,,,please sir,,,,just one line for u " Action speaks louder than the word",,,So please Act
But these are part of the game if u r living in a big city,,but i still love this city .

Posting on blog after a long time,,,,been buzzi,,,,there are so many problems i m facing nowadays,,,,sometime i just get irritated with these problems,,,,and start thinking ,,,blah blah blah,,,why we on this earth are facing so many problems ??
The other day,,one of teacher told us that life is pleasure and death is pain.....i thought abt it so much ,,,is it so??? why life becomes so difficult,, ? Sometime seemsthere is nothing left but ..A/c TO Iqbal
" na ho naumeed , naumeedi zawal-e-ilm-o- irfan hai
umeed mard-e-maumin ha khuda ke raaz daano mein"

So i M still hopeful,,,,,,,,

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was buzzi in watching soccer,,so that why i didn't write anything on blog,,,,,,
atlast the two finalist are decided italy and france,,,i was happy when italy won,,but viceversa when french won,,because i was with C.Ronaldo team,he is a nice player,,and one of my favourite footballer,,,,but,,one has to lose,,
and zidance,a class player and class act,,,,,the way he acted after the victory ,,spectacular,,,,,,,
i feel sad after every match ,,,,the way these big stars cry,,,,,,see how C.ronaldo was crying when scolari brought him back because of thigh injury,,,,and esp david odonkor,,,of german,,,he was crying like a ,,,,
I am realy inspired how much they are in to this wonderful sports....... once i read this quote,,,,but in this worldcup i experienced it,,,,now i m quite sure about it
"There is nothing more powerful than seeing a grown man cry. It shows a sensitivity and vulnerability that is very appealing "

wish ,,paksitan also has a world class soccer team,,,,,,,,,,we are famous for football making but we don't play football ,,this is disgusting,,,,,,,,pakistan exported 10 billion $ of footballs for this worldcup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this only happens in pakistan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

khair,,,cricket season,,,is just ready to start,,,,today pakistan is playing a four day match with England A,,,,,,,,,,,i realy want M.Sami to perform,,,,,,he has potential ,,every one believe in himself ,,,like Imran khan,,,when will he prove,,,i guess this is the last chance for him,,he is one of my favourite,,,,,,,,,,

I m taking too much interest in sports,,,hmm,,, not bad

Friday, June 16, 2006

so me again,,nowdays completely lost n buzzi in football...what a game the football likeness is not only limit to footy,,,,but actually i love all sports,,except one,,,WRESTLING,,,,
If i have to make a list of a teamas I m supporting,,, and my favourites players.......

here is the list,,,,,,,
1.Saudiarabia--------------- Yasir al khatani , Sami al jabir
2.Iran ------------------------ Ali karimi,Ali daye
3.Brazil---------------------- all stars,,but kaka,Ronaldo and Ronaldinio
4.Ivory cost----------------- Didier dobago ,,such a nice player
5.Argentina ----------------- Messi
6.England ------------------- Daivd bechem ,Rooney
7.Germany-------------------Micheal ballack
so the list will goes on becaue there are so many tams,,,,,but these are my most favourites team,,,,
In their first match , saudis played well,,,yasir al khatani looks like a real asian ronaldo,,,i m realy impressed,,,,and the goal by sami-al-jabar was spectecular,,,,but they leveled the game,,,as tunis did their second goal in the stopage time,,,,and the result was draw..but what a exciting game that was,,,,,,,, one thing i noticed ,,the way saudi team rejoiced after the goal was worth watching,,,doing sajda's ,,,saying prayers,,,thanking Allah ,,,i just cann't describe what i felt ...,,words cann't describe what i felt

Yasir -al-khatani ,,,celebrating after his first goal in the world cup,,,,,he is a fine player....i will definately follow him onward,,,,,he is very young too,,,just 23,,,very speedy,,and tactical

Picture taken from bbc sports..........

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Here is two cents but not by me ,,but by one of my favourite personality,,,,"Imran Khan"...

"compromise for ur objective but never on ur objectives "

"To hate the failure is a good thing but fear of failure make u act negative "

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I cann't write what i was and m going thorugh ,,i know good and bad times are part of our life but i know ,,writing those moments is soothing, writng good moments gives u pleasure and writing abt ur bad situations in life calms u ,But I cann't write ,,,,,,,i m introvert in nature,,i always like to hide myself,,,there is nothing bad about me to hide but still ,,,i do not know why there is a fear inside me ,,fear of unknown,,,fear ,,i coulds't understand what is it about ,,,,once one of my Friend called me "MYSTERIOUS",,,,,she was right up to some extent,,,,,i M mysterious,,,,i m not what i pretend,,,,i m person with double personality,,,but when i say double personality it does n 't mean ,,good and bad ,,it means ,,one forworld,,and one for myself,,,,,,isn't it happens with every one ? ,,i thnk it is,,,, Every one is trying to pretend,,his/her ideal character,,in order to be liked by others ,,Sometimes every thing look like a Hullucination,,,like world is nothing but something,,,,Why is the truth of the world is difficult to comprehend ? ...
Now,,let's take a turn towards poetry,,,the below mentioned ghazal is masterpiece ,,,i have been in love with this from my childhood,,,,wese bhee i consider iqbal as my spritual teacher,,,,,one special thing more abt it is that when kalpana chawla ,indian astronaut , mmet indian president ,,she read this ghazal there also ,,,,she also liked iqbal,,,,, : - )

Monday, June 12, 2006

So,,,on vacation i m nowadays,,,,enjoying football worldcup,,,,saw all matches till yet,,iran realy disappointed me yesterday with their 3-1 defeat.........watching too much tv nowadays,,,

just saw a conterversial movie "fanaa" by amir khan,,,i rarely watch urdu movies,,,but this one i wanted to watch,,,,,i called it a love story,,,kajal was looking great,,and the kid has realy done well,,,,,they just touched kashmir issue also,,,in a manner that they would please all the three parties india,pakistan and kashmir,,, ,,,the music of the movie was good especially instrumental,,they use rubab's music which is very soothing,,,,and poetry was a bit cheap,,,,look like amir khan himself did that ,,, :-)
I start thinking too much abt flying and airforce,,,and again start dreamiing that after masters,,i will join ,,,,,i m such a freak ,,,,about it,,,,
" tumhe bhulana he awal tu dastaras mein nahee
jo ikhtayar bhee hota tu kiya bhula detey"
sometime i think ,,falling in love with Flying and airforce is madness,,,it is and will onesided is like fire which is burning me from inside constantly ,,,,,,, it is not good,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So Exam is over...........Sigh,,,,
Now i m feeling like empty,,,,nothing to do,,,vacation started in university,,,,So,,,,,,there is so much time to blog now,,,,,,but,,,,Nothing to blog.....
but insha-Allah,, ,,,will keep posting,,,,today is my Niece's birthday,,,and i m happy
I m missing u alot....(she lives in abroad),,,,

Saturday, May 06, 2006

hmm,,,so again exam is ready to come,,,starting from 16th,,,,,,,
i m feeling exhausted,awful,,,,I lost my statistics file,,,i solved all the question in it ,,there are so many student who photostated my solution,,as i did all the work very systemetically and cleanly,,,,,,and now it get lost,,,,,:o (
yesterday i recieved four phone calls,,,from friends ,,,,,every one wanted their work to be done,,,what should i do with my work??
Early in the morning i made a whole report on " child labor" for a friend,,and still my own report on "life and its purpose" is still incomplete...i just can't refused people............but i cann't do others work all the time aswell,,,,,,
I acted so rudely in university today....i m feeling exhasuted,,,have to do so many assignments,,have to complete my report,,have to make two programing assignment aswell,,and prepare for the presentation ,,a headache near exam ,,,,and then has to prepare for the exam also,,,has to sleep also,,,as i just slept for 4 hours last night,,,,i m feeling irritated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

what i do????????????

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I came to know abt him through urdu newspaper ,,when one of my favourite urdu columist , gave his example to a boy ,who lost his all family in 8 Oct earthquake,,,from then,,he became inspiration for me and will be with me as an inspiration ,,,,,,and gives me strenght to bear the pain of living life ,,,,,,,,
let me tell u abt Arthur Ashe............
Arthur Ashe born and raised in segregated Richmond, Virginia, Arthur's physical stature did little to indicate his future career as a professional athlete. "Skinny as a straw," Arthur derived countless hours of pleasure reading and listening to music with his mother, Mattie. He also showed a surprising flair for tennis from the first time he picked up a racquet. At the age of six, Mattie passed away suddenly. Though heartbroken, Arthur's memory of his beloved mother was a source of inspiration throughout his life.
Upon graduation from high school, Arthur was good enough to earn a tennis scholarship to UCLA.His college career culminated in his winning an individual championship in 1965.In actuality, Arthur Ashe was a trailblazer for African-American males in tennis every time he succeeded on the court, in much the same fashion as Althea Gibson had for African-American females some 10 years earlier.In a year (1969) when he was basking in the international fame he had gained the previous year after winning the US Open and playing a key role on the United States winning Davis Cup team, two separate issues came to the forefront and helped shape Arthur the activist, a role he never ran from throughout his life if he believed in the cause. Later that year, as the #1-ranked American and one of the best players in the world, Arthur applied for a visa to play in the South African Open, a prestigious event. His visa was denied because of the color of his skin. Though Arthur was well aware that this would probably be the case, he decided to take a bold stand. His call for expulsion from South Africa from the tennis tour and Davis Cup play was quickly supported by numerous prominent individuals and organizations, both in and out of the tennis world. In effect, he raised the world?s awareness to the oppressive form of government (apartheid) of South Africa. Buoyed by Arthur Ashe?s initial efforts, blacks in South Africa slowly but surely began to see change come about in their country.

but the thing inspire me most is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
In 1988, he tested positive for HIV. Doctors told him he most certainly contracted the virus by getting an infected blood transfusion in during a 1983 heart operation. one of his fan wrote a ltter to him and asked !
Why does GOD have to select you " Arthur " for such a bad disease? "
To this Arthur Ashe replied:

The world over -- 5 crore children start playing tennis, 50 lac learn to play tennis, 5 lac learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbeldon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD "Why me?"

And today in pain I should not be asking GOD "Why me?"

He once said,,,
"If I were to say 'God, why me?' about the bad things, then I should have said 'God, why me?' about the good things that happened in my life."

This is the story of arthur ashe,,,I wrote it on my blog because i want me to remember this,,there is a message hidden in this story ,,there is strenght,,,and there is HOPE
I feel like uplifted ,,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

well,i didn't write a word from quite sometime because of my universities and my exams ,,actually i became the sandwich between the two universities,,so how can a lazy person like me take out time to write even i want to write,,but the schedule became very tight,,,but now free from one university so thats why i am here again,,
so lets talk abt first the blocking of blogs in pakistan,,,,PTA is suffering for any mental disorder,,i m sure abt it ,,if they are having problem with some of the blogs then block them,,why they are blocking the whole domain of blogspot,,,,khair ,,,
so i did what i m used to of doing ,,skip one more paper in this semester,,,Ama was very angry and my siblings too,,,,but they don't know how difficult it is manage two degrees at the same time,,,
one more thing,,yesterday i was listening to a news there were a report abt the mushaira held day before yesterday at karachi .in that mushaira , sindh interior ministor who himself do peotry read this couplet
"sab dushmanan-e-aman meri neend ley gaye
ab jagta hoo sheher ke araam key liye"
nice one ,,,,, hai na

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I love iqbal's poetry,i always consider him one of my spritual teacher. he simply is the best poet,,I learn alot from his poetry and prose,,i always think that whatever he wrote is the voice of my heart,,the poem "aik arzo" is the voice of my inner ,,,,

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I awake all night yesterday but good thing is that i offered fajr after a long time and then i slept,i have to go to the university today,,but i didn't,,will go from monday..,feeling sad missed first day in the university,,,
yesterday i saw a movie "A Walk to remember" based on the novel by nicolas sparks,,the movie was great ,,i enjoyed every bit of it...
just to share something from the movie,these verses touched my heart,,
'Love is always patient and kind.
It is never jealous. Love is
never boastful or conceited. It
is never rude or selfish. It does
not take offense and is not
resentful. Love takes no pleasure
in other people's sins, but
delights in the truth. It is
always ready to excuse, to trust,
to hope, and to endure whatever

Friday, January 06, 2006

I am such a cricket crazy person ,,,but i m not the only one,, ...i m a big big crciket fan ,,cricket is not just the game, it is a subcontinent culture and rightly so,,,To quoteCLR James, "What do they know of South Asia who do not know cricket?"

So i m waiting for the magic to begin,,yesterday indian team arrived in pakistan .and i m happy,,,say the least,,, actually i inherited this liking from my bro,,he himself a cricket crazy ,,all his work go in pending when cricket season start,,and his life becomes abnormal,,,sadly i do the same,,,,i again start reading cricinfo, fox sports and bbc news,bob site ,pak passion ,world-a-team forum and etc,,,,,and yeah,,bbc test match special is such a amusing forum to read,,most of the member just know one thing,,,fight as much as u can but with words,,,i think they realy belive in that " pen is stronger than the sword",,but sometime they just cross their limit.....,,khair,,

last time when they came here ,we lost to them,,,,but this time i m quite hopeful of winning (insha-Allah) we have a good team,,,with attitude change shoaib,inform inzi bhai,,and afridi is also doing well ,,and not to forget muhammad yousuf,,,a changed man,,,,and sami ,,i realy want him to perform ,,as he is a karachite,,and we see very few bowlers in international cricket from karachi,,,but as Imran khan said,,he will come to training camp to give him some tips before the series so,,,goodluck to him aswell,,,,,,,,but india has a good team as well,,,so insha-Allah ,,will see some close matches ,,with pakistan winning those :-)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

To all
so i m having my midterm exam nowadays,,two first papers gone just alright,,,and now big holidays,,rest of the papers are after eid,,, :-) and karachi has become so cold nowadays...and atlast winter came to karachi aswell. People start wearing sweaters and jackets,,,i love this season. The january also started and i m waitng for this month ,,,cricket season is coming again....high sentiments ,crushing toes,patience of inzi,madness of afridi,faster and slower one of shoaib,boundries of sehwag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and what else..i hope pakistan will win this time,,cann't wait for this seires....i m also planning to write new year resolutions this time,,,,i m such a lazzi person,,never indulge in making resolutions and other stuff,,,i don't know why,,,and also january bring the starting of a new era for me,,,my masters classes are starting from seventh,,and i m quite ambitious this time ,,,, insha-Allah ...i wil study hard....and jan aslo bring the closing of an Era for me as well as my BS course will be ended in march,,,,