Thursday, April 10, 2008

so just like something is not enough ,,consistent hard work and dedication is required to achieve what one want from life,,,passion ,dedication,hard work....mixture of every thing is success
Getting rejected is intolerable stuff,,,,it haunts..its keeps u awake all night , make u restless...what else,,,,here i m not talking about rejection from some one special,,,nope
it is other kind of rejection which you receive through letter ,,,
they usually write
" we are regretful to inform u that you are not selected"
and nowadays i m trying and dying to appear before them again,,,,

must find it abstract??? i m very good at business writing but when i start writing something about myself ,,,,it automatically get abstract,..........

Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Fifty years back, People of Pakistan was looking for their country and now Pakistan as a country looking for her nation "
Chiristina Lamb , a journalist and AN author , said in her book....

Look what Amajd Islam Amjad,a Poet and Writer from Pakistan, has to say about the above comment

"The nation which is looking for thier country are the older generation of Pakistan and the young generation are what country is looking for "

I guess i translate the urdu rightly....make sense :-)