Sunday, January 08, 2006

I love iqbal's poetry,i always consider him one of my spritual teacher. he simply is the best poet,,I learn alot from his poetry and prose,,i always think that whatever he wrote is the voice of my heart,,the poem "aik arzo" is the voice of my inner ,,,,

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I awake all night yesterday but good thing is that i offered fajr after a long time and then i slept,i have to go to the university today,,but i didn't,,will go from monday..,feeling sad missed first day in the university,,,
yesterday i saw a movie "A Walk to remember" based on the novel by nicolas sparks,,the movie was great ,,i enjoyed every bit of it...
just to share something from the movie,these verses touched my heart,,
'Love is always patient and kind.
It is never jealous. Love is
never boastful or conceited. It
is never rude or selfish. It does
not take offense and is not
resentful. Love takes no pleasure
in other people's sins, but
delights in the truth. It is
always ready to excuse, to trust,
to hope, and to endure whatever

Friday, January 06, 2006

I am such a cricket crazy person ,,,but i m not the only one,, ...i m a big big crciket fan ,,cricket is not just the game, it is a subcontinent culture and rightly so,,,To quoteCLR James, "What do they know of South Asia who do not know cricket?"

So i m waiting for the magic to begin,,yesterday indian team arrived in pakistan .and i m happy,,,say the least,,, actually i inherited this liking from my bro,,he himself a cricket crazy ,,all his work go in pending when cricket season start,,and his life becomes abnormal,,,sadly i do the same,,,,i again start reading cricinfo, fox sports and bbc news,bob site ,pak passion ,world-a-team forum and etc,,,,,and yeah,,bbc test match special is such a amusing forum to read,,most of the member just know one thing,,,fight as much as u can but with words,,,i think they realy belive in that " pen is stronger than the sword",,but sometime they just cross their limit.....,,khair,,

last time when they came here ,we lost to them,,,,but this time i m quite hopeful of winning (insha-Allah) we have a good team,,,with attitude change shoaib,inform inzi bhai,,and afridi is also doing well ,,and not to forget muhammad yousuf,,,a changed man,,,,and sami ,,i realy want him to perform ,,as he is a karachite,,and we see very few bowlers in international cricket from karachi,,,but as Imran khan said,,he will come to training camp to give him some tips before the series so,,,goodluck to him aswell,,,,,,,,but india has a good team as well,,,so insha-Allah ,,will see some close matches ,,with pakistan winning those :-)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

To all
so i m having my midterm exam nowadays,,two first papers gone just alright,,,and now big holidays,,rest of the papers are after eid,,, :-) and karachi has become so cold nowadays...and atlast winter came to karachi aswell. People start wearing sweaters and jackets,,,i love this season. The january also started and i m waitng for this month ,,,cricket season is coming again....high sentiments ,crushing toes,patience of inzi,madness of afridi,faster and slower one of shoaib,boundries of sehwag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and what else..i hope pakistan will win this time,,cann't wait for this seires....i m also planning to write new year resolutions this time,,,,i m such a lazzi person,,never indulge in making resolutions and other stuff,,,i don't know why,,,and also january bring the starting of a new era for me,,,my masters classes are starting from seventh,,and i m quite ambitious this time ,,,, insha-Allah ...i wil study hard....and jan aslo bring the closing of an Era for me as well as my BS course will be ended in march,,,,