Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sending my brightest wishes to Sonia Ayesha‘s Mother
Aunt , Wishing you Health, Happiness and Quick Recovery

Friday, March 13, 2009

"The Darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn "
listen this master piece written by Aaitzaz Ahsan ,sung by Laal Band.

Monday, March 02, 2009

I wrote this story nearly five years ago for the story telling competition at PACC .

1ST January 2001 was my first day at College. I was so happy and a little scared. As you all know it has become customary with the seniors students of the college to greet the new entrants with a light comedian spirit. This practice is commonly known as “FIRST YEAR FOOLING “.
I was well aware of it so were most of my friends. We were all conscious about it and went to the college in a group. Unexpectedly seniors were very kind and helpful to us all .then the bell rang and they guided us to our class. We were about 60 student .we started talking with each other. Suddenly, a young guy Came in to our class and introduced himself as Mr. Altaf Khan; our new teacher .He was just like a fourth year student. The two boys of our class Rehan and Ali stood and wanted to inquire about him from the principal office to make sure that he was a teacher. Mr.altaf confidently permitted them. In the meantime, he told us about his background and his subject and his education from Oxford. Then the two boys confirmed that he is our teacher .we were all very much impressed by his politeness and his great knowledge about his subject. In the end of the class, he gave us subject notes and he wanted that any student should take the responsibility to Photostat them for entire class. Again, Rehan and Ali stood and took the responsibility and collected 50 Rs from every student. Then the class was over we were all very happy to get a very good teacher.
Suddenly, we heard noises made by student talking and laughing outside our class. We went outside to check what was happening. We were shocked to see that our highly educated teacher Mr. khan and our two class fellows rehan and ali along with the whole fourth year were standing ,having a bottle and burger in their hands. As they were all celebrating their victory to make us fools. They all had wining smile on their faces. They all welcomed us with the slogan “first year fools, Zindabad” and that time we all just thought about highly educated teacher, our 50 Rs and our unawareness at how the fourth year can really come up with different ideas to make the first year fool.