Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rain is considered as blessing of Allah and indeed it is ,,,but if u r living in a city like karachi,,,,,then,,,u feel like submerged,,,,,,just 75 ml rain,,,26 people has died,,,,the worst traffic jam karachi seen on thursday,,,and 4 feet water on the roads,,,this is the condition of the biggest city of pakistan,,,i m hating all the establishment of pakistan for this,,,,just wondering is there any establishment there?? and city nazim,,,,,ohh,,,,,please sir,,,,just one line for u " Action speaks louder than the word",,,So please Act
But these are part of the game if u r living in a big city,,but i still love this city .

Posting on blog after a long time,,,,been buzzi,,,,there are so many problems i m facing nowadays,,,,sometime i just get irritated with these problems,,,,and start thinking ,,,blah blah blah,,,why we on this earth are facing so many problems ??
The other day,,one of teacher told us that life is pleasure and death is pain.....i thought abt it so much ,,,is it so??? why life becomes so difficult,, ? Sometime seemsthere is nothing left but ..A/c TO Iqbal
" na ho naumeed , naumeedi zawal-e-ilm-o- irfan hai
umeed mard-e-maumin ha khuda ke raaz daano mein"

So i M still hopeful,,,,,,,,