Monday, July 22, 2013

Whenever I get sick , I become so unbearable.....
I just don't know why everything looks so bleak sometimes (read most of the time ) . No matter how many times I tell myslef to see the glass half full not half empty . Sometime it seems like nothing will please me . I am so complex and have become so unpredictable . Now I even can't predict myself..........But I will get better , Insha-Allah :-)

Remind me of Kite Runner's Famous Line "Zindagi Mizgara - Life goes on " 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My aunt passed away day before yesterday .  She was an amazing woman and her conduct was exemplary . She was so loving ....even she is no more I can still feel her love & warmth and will cherish them rest of my life .

May she rest in peace and May Allah grant her highest place in jannah . Ameen

Asman Teri Lehad Par Shabnam Afshani Kare
Sabza-e-Nourasta Iss Ghar Ki Nighebani Kare

May the sky shed its dew upon your grave!
May the freshly grown verdure watch over your home!