Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My aunt passed away day before yesterday .  She was an amazing woman and her conduct was exemplary . She was so loving ....even she is no more I can still feel her love & warmth and will cherish them rest of my life .

May she rest in peace and May Allah grant her highest place in jannah . Ameen

Asman Teri Lehad Par Shabnam Afshani Kare
Sabza-e-Nourasta Iss Ghar Ki Nighebani Kare

May the sky shed its dew upon your grave!
May the freshly grown verdure watch over your home!


  1. SHA said...
    Really sorry to hear about your aunt. May she rest in peace, ameen.
    Anaa said...
    Thanks for visiting my Blog and your nice words ....
    Keep visiting :-)
    SHA said...
    Keep writing and I will :)
    mystic-soul said...
    May All mighty bless her soul!

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