Thursday, June 26, 2008

"If a woman is tough, she is pushy.
If a man is tough, gosh, he’s a great leader."

Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some months before while i was in university ,my human resources and organizational behaviour teacher's talk so much about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction . For me then ,satisfaction was very static phenomenon which comes in your life when u 're old and have alot of time to think....then you start thinking about satisfaction or dissatisfaction........
I was wrong....!!! satisfaction is a very dyanamic phenomemn and it can almost ruin ur life if u add "dis " to the word "satisfaction". Dissatisfaction is like a slow kills but silently and slowly.
I don't know WHY but i m feeling very dissatisfied with everything happening to me and with every one around me . May be it is not a satisfaction and disatisfaction issue rahter it is a issue of sabr(patience) and shukar(gratitude) ....these days i have come to know it is difficult to do sabr.....but there is no other option besides sabr sometimes......
i just seem to have questions ..a lot of questions with no asnwers.
why it happens that some ppl get things very easily while others have to work too hard for the same thing ?
why there are so many "why" in our lives? it might be just self pity......
lately i was reading bang-e-dara . and i realy like this piece

Thursday, June 05, 2008

sheher ki alo'dgi ne zehr itna bhar diya
sanp ne kata mujhe aur kat'te he mar gaya