Friday, June 16, 2006

so me again,,nowdays completely lost n buzzi in football...what a game the football likeness is not only limit to footy,,,,but actually i love all sports,,except one,,,WRESTLING,,,,
If i have to make a list of a teamas I m supporting,,, and my favourites players.......

here is the list,,,,,,,
1.Saudiarabia--------------- Yasir al khatani , Sami al jabir
2.Iran ------------------------ Ali karimi,Ali daye
3.Brazil---------------------- all stars,,but kaka,Ronaldo and Ronaldinio
4.Ivory cost----------------- Didier dobago ,,such a nice player
5.Argentina ----------------- Messi
6.England ------------------- Daivd bechem ,Rooney
7.Germany-------------------Micheal ballack
so the list will goes on becaue there are so many tams,,,,,but these are my most favourites team,,,,
In their first match , saudis played well,,,yasir al khatani looks like a real asian ronaldo,,,i m realy impressed,,,,and the goal by sami-al-jabar was spectecular,,,,but they leveled the game,,,as tunis did their second goal in the stopage time,,,,and the result was draw..but what a exciting game that was,,,,,,,, one thing i noticed ,,the way saudi team rejoiced after the goal was worth watching,,,doing sajda's ,,,saying prayers,,,thanking Allah ,,,i just cann't describe what i felt ...,,words cann't describe what i felt

Yasir -al-khatani ,,,celebrating after his first goal in the world cup,,,,,he is a fine player....i will definately follow him onward,,,,,he is very young too,,,just 23,,,very speedy,,and tactical

Picture taken from bbc sports..........

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Here is two cents but not by me ,,but by one of my favourite personality,,,,"Imran Khan"...

"compromise for ur objective but never on ur objectives "

"To hate the failure is a good thing but fear of failure make u act negative "

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I cann't write what i was and m going thorugh ,,i know good and bad times are part of our life but i know ,,writing those moments is soothing, writng good moments gives u pleasure and writing abt ur bad situations in life calms u ,But I cann't write ,,,,,,,i m introvert in nature,,i always like to hide myself,,,there is nothing bad about me to hide but still ,,,i do not know why there is a fear inside me ,,fear of unknown,,,fear ,,i coulds't understand what is it about ,,,,once one of my Friend called me "MYSTERIOUS",,,,,she was right up to some extent,,,,,i M mysterious,,,,i m not what i pretend,,,,i m person with double personality,,,but when i say double personality it does n 't mean ,,good and bad ,,it means ,,one forworld,,and one for myself,,,,,,isn't it happens with every one ? ,,i thnk it is,,,, Every one is trying to pretend,,his/her ideal character,,in order to be liked by others ,,Sometimes every thing look like a Hullucination,,,like world is nothing but something,,,,Why is the truth of the world is difficult to comprehend ? ...
Now,,let's take a turn towards poetry,,,the below mentioned ghazal is masterpiece ,,,i have been in love with this from my childhood,,,,wese bhee i consider iqbal as my spritual teacher,,,,,one special thing more abt it is that when kalpana chawla ,indian astronaut , mmet indian president ,,she read this ghazal there also ,,,,she also liked iqbal,,,,, : - )

Monday, June 12, 2006

So,,,on vacation i m nowadays,,,,enjoying football worldcup,,,,saw all matches till yet,,iran realy disappointed me yesterday with their 3-1 defeat.........watching too much tv nowadays,,,

just saw a conterversial movie "fanaa" by amir khan,,,i rarely watch urdu movies,,,but this one i wanted to watch,,,,,i called it a love story,,,kajal was looking great,,and the kid has realy done well,,,,,they just touched kashmir issue also,,,in a manner that they would please all the three parties india,pakistan and kashmir,,, ,,,the music of the movie was good especially instrumental,,they use rubab's music which is very soothing,,,,and poetry was a bit cheap,,,,look like amir khan himself did that ,,, :-)
I start thinking too much abt flying and airforce,,,and again start dreamiing that after masters,,i will join ,,,,,i m such a freak ,,,,about it,,,,
" tumhe bhulana he awal tu dastaras mein nahee
jo ikhtayar bhee hota tu kiya bhula detey"
sometime i think ,,falling in love with Flying and airforce is madness,,,it is and will onesided is like fire which is burning me from inside constantly ,,,,,,, it is not good,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So Exam is over...........Sigh,,,,
Now i m feeling like empty,,,,nothing to do,,,vacation started in university,,,,So,,,,,,there is so much time to blog now,,,,,,but,,,,Nothing to blog.....
but insha-Allah,, ,,,will keep posting,,,,today is my Niece's birthday,,,and i m happy
I m missing u alot....(she lives in abroad),,,,