Monday, June 12, 2006


So,,,on vacation i m nowadays,,,,enjoying football worldcup,,,,saw all matches till yet,,iran realy disappointed me yesterday with their 3-1 defeat.........watching too much tv nowadays,,,

just saw a conterversial movie "fanaa" by amir khan,,,i rarely watch urdu movies,,,but this one i wanted to watch,,,,,i called it a love story,,,kajal was looking great,,and the kid has realy done well,,,,,they just touched kashmir issue also,,,in a manner that they would please all the three parties india,pakistan and kashmir,,, ,,,the music of the movie was good especially instrumental,,they use rubab's music which is very soothing,,,,and poetry was a bit cheap,,,,look like amir khan himself did that ,,, :-)
I start thinking too much abt flying and airforce,,,and again start dreamiing that after masters,,i will join ,,,,,i m such a freak ,,,,about it,,,,
" tumhe bhulana he awal tu dastaras mein nahee
jo ikhtayar bhee hota tu kiya bhula detey"
sometime i think ,,falling in love with Flying and airforce is madness,,,it is and will onesided is like fire which is burning me from inside constantly ,,,,,,, it is not good,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. Tauqeer said...
    i luv the shair u got in there!!!

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