Friday, June 16, 2006

so me again,,nowdays completely lost n buzzi in football...what a game the football likeness is not only limit to footy,,,,but actually i love all sports,,except one,,,WRESTLING,,,,
If i have to make a list of a teamas I m supporting,,, and my favourites players.......

here is the list,,,,,,,
1.Saudiarabia--------------- Yasir al khatani , Sami al jabir
2.Iran ------------------------ Ali karimi,Ali daye
3.Brazil---------------------- all stars,,but kaka,Ronaldo and Ronaldinio
4.Ivory cost----------------- Didier dobago ,,such a nice player
5.Argentina ----------------- Messi
6.England ------------------- Daivd bechem ,Rooney
7.Germany-------------------Micheal ballack
so the list will goes on becaue there are so many tams,,,,,but these are my most favourites team,,,,
In their first match , saudis played well,,,yasir al khatani looks like a real asian ronaldo,,,i m realy impressed,,,,and the goal by sami-al-jabar was spectecular,,,,but they leveled the game,,,as tunis did their second goal in the stopage time,,,,and the result was draw..but what a exciting game that was,,,,,,,, one thing i noticed ,,the way saudi team rejoiced after the goal was worth watching,,,doing sajda's ,,,saying prayers,,,thanking Allah ,,,i just cann't describe what i felt ...,,words cann't describe what i felt

Yasir -al-khatani ,,,celebrating after his first goal in the world cup,,,,,he is a fine player....i will definately follow him onward,,,,,he is very young too,,,just 23,,,very speedy,,and tactical

Picture taken from bbc sports..........


  1. Suleman said...
    thank God I don't like football. :P hehe.
    Anaa said...
    where were u ???i guess buzzi in exam,,,,,Nice joke,,,:-)
    Tauqeer said...
    no muslim team qualified into second round, saudi disappoint me :(
    Anaa said...
    yup..,,i m also disappointed,,,,but i knew it from the begining,,,,

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