Thursday, July 06, 2006


I was buzzi in watching soccer,,so that why i didn't write anything on blog,,,,,,
atlast the two finalist are decided italy and france,,,i was happy when italy won,,but viceversa when french won,,because i was with C.Ronaldo team,he is a nice player,,and one of my favourite footballer,,,,but,,one has to lose,,
and zidance,a class player and class act,,,,,the way he acted after the victory ,,spectacular,,,,,,,
i feel sad after every match ,,,,the way these big stars cry,,,,,,see how C.ronaldo was crying when scolari brought him back because of thigh injury,,,,and esp david odonkor,,,of german,,,he was crying like a ,,,,
I am realy inspired how much they are in to this wonderful sports....... once i read this quote,,,,but in this worldcup i experienced it,,,,now i m quite sure about it
"There is nothing more powerful than seeing a grown man cry. It shows a sensitivity and vulnerability that is very appealing "

wish ,,paksitan also has a world class soccer team,,,,,,,,,,we are famous for football making but we don't play football ,,this is disgusting,,,,,,,,pakistan exported 10 billion $ of footballs for this worldcup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this only happens in pakistan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

khair,,,cricket season,,,is just ready to start,,,,today pakistan is playing a four day match with England A,,,,,,,,,,,i realy want M.Sami to perform,,,,,,he has potential ,,every one believe in himself ,,,like Imran khan,,,when will he prove,,,i guess this is the last chance for him,,he is one of my favourite,,,,,,,,,,

I m taking too much interest in sports,,,hmm,,, not bad


  1. Tauqeer said...
    You call it soccer :O lol those damn people cant even play it properly and call the FOOTBALL some wierd name from nowhere....hope you enjoying urself nyway:P
    Suleman said...
    Good Luck Anna

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