Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At last after a long long time, Pakistani cricket team is in the news for positive reasons. A test match played here in Karachi after an eighteen month gap and icing on the cake is that Younis khan made a triple century.
I was so happy yesterday and 400 seems to me the reality but just when i got up today , my sis gave the news that he got out on 313.So near yet so far.

Of late I have posted a lot of stuff in Urdu here .but now I realized that Urdu and English can’t go side by side in one blog or may be I don’t have capability actually to do it. So I have decided to make a new blog for Urdu stuff. I have read a lot of Urdu stuff last year and I have a plan this year to read more. I always feel pity on myself because neither I know the English rightly nor Urdu. But this is the case with some other people also.
I remember I was watching a TV program in which they were interviewing Japanese who was well versed in Urdu. They were also taking live phone calls .Somebody called and wanted to talk to Japanese.
Caller : Hello
Japanese : Asalam-o -Alaikum
Caller : walaikum Asalam
Japanese : ap ka ism sharif ?
Caller : ji !! kiya kaha ap ne ?
The interviewer then interrupted and told the caller that the guest was asking his name. Here is the link of my new Urdu blog آوازِانا

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life is not normal nowadays. It has been extremely tough for me from quite some time. And I keep on reminding myself this couplet of Mohsin Naqvi
جس نےزند گی دی ہے وہ بھی سوچتاہوگا
زند گی کےبارے میں اس قدرناسوچاکر
I use to spend a lot of time in thinking, but thinking is no good especially if one is going through with tough time. Iqbal, has a different view point about tough times of life. …kehte hain
غم جوانی کوجگادیتاہے لطف خواب سے
ساز یہ بیدار ہوتاہے اسی مضراب سے
طائر دل کے لئے غم شہپر پروازہے
رازہے انسان کا دل غم انکشاف راز ہے
The whole ghazal فلسفہ غم is so satisfying. It has a message of strength for people like me. It is a way of seeing glass half full rather than half empty.