Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life is not normal nowadays. It has been extremely tough for me from quite some time. And I keep on reminding myself this couplet of Mohsin Naqvi
جس نےزند گی دی ہے وہ بھی سوچتاہوگا
زند گی کےبارے میں اس قدرناسوچاکر
I use to spend a lot of time in thinking, but thinking is no good especially if one is going through with tough time. Iqbal, has a different view point about tough times of life. …kehte hain
غم جوانی کوجگادیتاہے لطف خواب سے
ساز یہ بیدار ہوتاہے اسی مضراب سے
طائر دل کے لئے غم شہپر پروازہے
رازہے انسان کا دل غم انکشاف راز ہے
The whole ghazal فلسفہ غم is so satisfying. It has a message of strength for people like me. It is a way of seeing glass half full rather than half empty.


  1. Ash said...
    I was worrying about you girl
    It's been so long that you updated your blog..
    stay around
    My prayers are with you
    every thing will be in shape soon
    Anaa said...
    yup,i was a bit buzzi with twist and turns of life . Prayers are the best gift one can get,,thanx for the prayers
    keep visiting
    Ash said...
    i do
    you too keep posting dear..
    take care
    Anonymous said...
    I hope 'gham' doesnt take you over..
    Stay good :)
    And thankyou for your comment on my blog! :)
    Anaa said...
    I hope this too....
    Welcome at my Place and keep visiting !
    Viks said...
    Anaa, I think you should read my previous two post, LOL, not the SLEEP one, maybe that'll probably relate to you more.

    I think we shape our life, if it's bad, sad, ugly, it's because we've made it that way, that's who we are, sad, bad, and ugly.

    It's within us, we make us who we are. I don't know what Iqbal said, and I don't know much about Mohsin either, and I'm sorry i can't really read that urdu part anyhow, my urdu is terrible, but I don't really worry about what those people said, Iqbal had a pretty weird life too, I wouldn't want to pay attention to what he did, he shaped his life, and you're shaping your life.

    No word or poet can make you better, just look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you're going to live a beautiful life - do that everyday and I'm sure you're going to start living a beautiful life.

    This is the truth, and maybe a little bit science and psychology. Our brain registers what we feed it, most through words - feed your brain good words, and see the magic.

    Life's AWESOME, you just go out there and enjoy it.


    ps. holy, I talk so much. I feel like a girl for a second there.
    Waqas Yaqub said...
    very nice blog anaa... loved your both blogs.....
    Anaa said...
    Thanks Viks for the nice comment.
    you talk too much but u talk well and i always enjoy reading u.
    Agreed,but if we shape our life then what is fate? why is there so much suffering around us ? it is so difficult to tolerate the suffering of near and dear ones.
    yeah,life is awesome and i m trying to learn to enjoy it.
    Keep visiting .

    Thanks waqas for the nice comment.

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