Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At last after a long long time, Pakistani cricket team is in the news for positive reasons. A test match played here in Karachi after an eighteen month gap and icing on the cake is that Younis khan made a triple century.
I was so happy yesterday and 400 seems to me the reality but just when i got up today , my sis gave the news that he got out on 313.So near yet so far.

Of late I have posted a lot of stuff in Urdu here .but now I realized that Urdu and English can’t go side by side in one blog or may be I don’t have capability actually to do it. So I have decided to make a new blog for Urdu stuff. I have read a lot of Urdu stuff last year and I have a plan this year to read more. I always feel pity on myself because neither I know the English rightly nor Urdu. But this is the case with some other people also.
I remember I was watching a TV program in which they were interviewing Japanese who was well versed in Urdu. They were also taking live phone calls .Somebody called and wanted to talk to Japanese.
Caller : Hello
Japanese : Asalam-o -Alaikum
Caller : walaikum Asalam
Japanese : ap ka ism sharif ?
Caller : ji !! kiya kaha ap ne ?
The interviewer then interrupted and told the caller that the guest was asking his name. Here is the link of my new Urdu blog آوازِانا


  1. Anonymous said...
    Yep... finally we saw our batsmen doing good :)
    Aur yeh Urdu wala mas'ala bohat saaray logon k saath hai --- sadly enough !
    Anaa said...
    yup!every batsmen chiped in ,,but on extremely falt pitch.Let's see how they will do in lahore.
    And abt urdu ,,woh dagh ne kahan hai na
    "nahi khel ai dagh yaroon se keh do
    key ati hai urdu zuban atey atey"
    Ash said...

    its remind me of my dad
    when ever he meet with any one
    he usually asked " aap ka issm e girami :D
    and i was like what :D
    but now i am used to of it
    count me in for that urdu thing
    i started reading urud stuff last year too and lots of things are pilling up at my side to
    thanks for giving a guide line by creating an seperate urdu blog
    .I will follow your steps soon but first i have to go well my this english blog as i think i am not good here at all.

    btw.. check out my recent post aloof (work of fiction) and still confused and tell me what do you think of it
    Anaa said...
    hello ash! u r doing good with ur English blog.hmm,,sure follow me and i myself is following others.
    yup!i saw ur last post,,will give my feedback as i really like psychology and stuff .Abhee I m thinking abt the answers :)
    Razz said...
    Thanks for dropping by my blog anaa!

    Agreed about cricket being back in the news for the right reasons this time. I was kinda ticked off at the fact that we're not willing to make better pitches at home even after being deprived of cricket for so long. That was exactly the point made in the match report at cricinfo, and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

    LOLz at your anecdote. Urdu really is one of the sweetest languages around. I have a new found respect for it having been out of the country for a while.
    Anaa said...
    Thanx of the comment Razz.
    All pakistani fans are quite irritated on these dead pitches.
    Indeed,Urdu is one of the sweetest language of the world.
    urdu hai jis ka nam sab jante hai dagh
    sarey jahan mein dhoom hamaree zuban ki hai
    Asma said...
    But I'm still sad for International cricket's death in here :(
    Anaa said...
    Thanx for visiting my blog Asma.
    yup, every fan is sad butI hope things will change in a year or two...

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