Monday, July 22, 2013

Whenever I get sick , I become so unbearable.....
I just don't know why everything looks so bleak sometimes (read most of the time ) . No matter how many times I tell myslef to see the glass half full not half empty . Sometime it seems like nothing will please me . I am so complex and have become so unpredictable . Now I even can't predict myself..........But I will get better , Insha-Allah :-)

Remind me of Kite Runner's Famous Line "Zindagi Mizgara - Life goes on " 


  1. SHA said...
    Ohh, falling sick in Ramadan is really tough. Please take care and get well soon.

    Ps: Please pray for me, kehtay hain k bemaar aadmi Allah kay ziyada qareeb hota hay as beemaari is Allah's rehmat.
    Anaa said...
    Yea,, sickness in Ramadan in tough.
    I will pray for you , Bro .
    Thanks for the well wishes :)

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