Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sending my brightest wishes to Sonia Ayesha‘s Mother
Aunt , Wishing you Health, Happiness and Quick Recovery


  1. Asma said...
    Ameen Ameen

    May Allah bless her with quick health, shifa and healthy long life, Inshah Allah :)
    Anaa said...
    Ameen...and jazak-Allah.
    Keep Visiting.
    Yesterday said...
    ameeen ! ! !
    Anaa said...
    It is good to see you back.
    Suma Ameen
    asma said...
    Anaa said...
    Thank you for the knock knock Asma..:)
    Keep Visiting!
    Ash said...
    I am runing out of words Anaa
    thank you soo much gal
    **big big sisterly hug**

    I never even dream of any thing like this
    Thank you soo much for being so supportive
    Its because all of yours and others fellow's praeyers that MashaAllah my mom has done with 70% of her recovery process.

    Thank you so very much Asma,yesterday and other pals for adding me and my family in your sincere and dedicated prayers.
    luvv u so so much Anaa
    Ash said...
    btw... in the way of my emo speech i forgot to tell ya..
    EMMMMMmmmmmmm BAQQqqqqqqqqqqqqq :D
    em baq on blogging gal:D
    it will take me a week or two to read all blogs, posts and comment on them but not to worrycoz the main thing is em baq on track ;):)
    see ya soon on my blog :)
    take care
    Anaa said...
    I am happy that u are back :)
    I was anxious and waiting for u and Thanx to Allah that ur mother is fine now....

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