Sunday, January 08, 2006

I love iqbal's poetry,i always consider him one of my spritual teacher. he simply is the best poet,,I learn alot from his poetry and prose,,i always think that whatever he wrote is the voice of my heart,,the poem "aik arzo" is the voice of my inner ,,,,


  1. Suleman said...
    it really is good, but he must have wrote it when he really got sick of everyone after many many years.

    Why do you have to feel the same when you're only starting your life.

    no doubt, great piece.

    btw, I never knew he wrote prose aswell.
    Mariam said...
    Nice poetry. Just had a horrific thought: if the place Iqbal is yearning for is so natural & untouched, there would be no electricity, no telephone, no computer... :)
    Suleman said...
    so what are you upto these days ?
    Anaa said...
    hye all,,
    well suleman,,u raised the nice point,,i don't have the answer...and yeah,,iqbal's prose is also quiet popular,,the most popular book of him is "reconstrauction of religious thought in islam",,
    thanx,,marium for visiting my blog
    u raised the nice point too,,but didn't u hear "no pain ,no gains"
    Viks said...
    Iqbal is great! I would've read it but I struggle reading Urdu prose!

    I think a few years back I stopped reading poetry because I think it's just an inner feeling of that particular individual, and no matter what we may think - we can never have those same feelings. And also, poetry is quite repetitive; so there :)

    Though I don't discourage people from not reading it! In fact I still do read at times even now.
    Anaa said...
    thanx viks for visiting my blog.
    I agree to some extent that poetry is just an inner feeling of that particular individual,,but sometimes the feeling match,,yeah it is repetitive but poet always compose the words in different way and style ,,that makes the poetry beautiful,,,and it only click when it is different,,,

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