Tuesday, February 28, 2006

well,i didn't write a word from quite sometime because of my universities and my exams ,,actually i became the sandwich between the two universities,,so how can a lazy person like me take out time to write even i want to write,,but the schedule became very tight,,,but now free from one university so thats why i am here again,,
so lets talk abt first the blocking of blogs in pakistan,,,,PTA is suffering for any mental disorder,,i m sure abt it ,,if they are having problem with some of the blogs then block them,,why they are blocking the whole domain of blogspot,,,,khair ,,,
so i did what i m used to of doing ,,skip one more paper in this semester,,,Ama was very angry and my siblings too,,,,but they don't know how difficult it is manage two degrees at the same time,,,
one more thing,,yesterday i was listening to a news there were a report abt the mushaira held day before yesterday at karachi .in that mushaira , sindh interior ministor who himself do peotry read this couplet
"sab dushmanan-e-aman meri neend ley gaye
ab jagta hoo sheher ke araam key liye"
nice one ,,,,, hai na


  1. Suleman said...
    good to have u back, but how'd u do in your exams. which exams u skipped.
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    Anaa said...
    good to see u here ,suleman
    i skipped OOP and software project managment,,,will give these two in a coming semesters,,,
    Viks said...
    Oh - Anaa, you need to spend more time blogging.

    And I think you should also change the Template, make it White or some bright colour. It'll give your blog a lively look.

    Anyhow, thanks for the good luck, and same to you ;)

    Take Care,

    Anaa said...
    Thanks Viks for your kind comment.
    And,,yup u r right,,,i should spend sometime on blogging and other stuff ,,but nowadays a bit short of time,,,will carry on this habit regularly from june,,,,

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