Wednesday, January 04, 2006

To all
so i m having my midterm exam nowadays,,two first papers gone just alright,,,and now big holidays,,rest of the papers are after eid,,, :-) and karachi has become so cold nowadays...and atlast winter came to karachi aswell. People start wearing sweaters and jackets,,,i love this season. The january also started and i m waitng for this month ,,,cricket season is coming again....high sentiments ,crushing toes,patience of inzi,madness of afridi,faster and slower one of shoaib,boundries of sehwag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and what else..i hope pakistan will win this time,,cann't wait for this seires....i m also planning to write new year resolutions this time,,,,i m such a lazzi person,,never indulge in making resolutions and other stuff,,,i don't know why,,,and also january bring the starting of a new era for me,,,my masters classes are starting from seventh,,and i m quite ambitious this time ,,,, insha-Allah ...i wil study hard....and jan aslo bring the closing of an Era for me as well as my BS course will be ended in march,,,,


  1. Suleman said...
    Hey, you're keeping a nice place as well. Thanks for for dropping by and linking. :)

    Where do u study ?
    Anaa said...
    Thanx for visiting my blog.i study in VU as well.
    Tauqeer said...
    Salam, hey thanks for visiting my site, to be honest its not the ADVERTISED blog site of me but still u managed to sneak in:P well dont mind tho, nice to see someone around:). Hope u doin well and all the best wishes for ur masters(Y)

    Anaa said...
    thanx touqeer !
    Suleman said...
    great fighter pilot. so what's your ID ? you don't have to write it here if you don't want to, mine is bc030290022. email.

    What's your status, last semester ?

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