Friday, January 06, 2006

I am such a cricket crazy person ,,,but i m not the only one,, ...i m a big big crciket fan ,,cricket is not just the game, it is a subcontinent culture and rightly so,,,To quoteCLR James, "What do they know of South Asia who do not know cricket?"

So i m waiting for the magic to begin,,yesterday indian team arrived in pakistan .and i m happy,,,say the least,,, actually i inherited this liking from my bro,,he himself a cricket crazy ,,all his work go in pending when cricket season start,,and his life becomes abnormal,,,sadly i do the same,,,,i again start reading cricinfo, fox sports and bbc news,bob site ,pak passion ,world-a-team forum and etc,,,,,and yeah,,bbc test match special is such a amusing forum to read,,most of the member just know one thing,,,fight as much as u can but with words,,,i think they realy belive in that " pen is stronger than the sword",,but sometime they just cross their limit.....,,khair,,

last time when they came here ,we lost to them,,,,but this time i m quite hopeful of winning (insha-Allah) we have a good team,,,with attitude change shoaib,inform inzi bhai,,and afridi is also doing well ,,and not to forget muhammad yousuf,,,a changed man,,,,and sami ,,i realy want him to perform ,,as he is a karachite,,and we see very few bowlers in international cricket from karachi,,,but as Imran khan said,,he will come to training camp to give him some tips before the series so,,,goodluck to him aswell,,,,,,,,but india has a good team as well,,,so insha-Allah ,,will see some close matches ,,with pakistan winning those :-)


  1. Suleman said...
    Last time I was interested in cricket was when Pakistan lost to india at Bangalore, year 1996, world cup quarter final.

    Then, world cup final 1999. I hate it now. I hate it when Pakistan loses. :)
    Anaa said...
    yeah,,,bro it hurts when pakistan lose but it is a game,,this time pakistan is in a good nick,,

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