Sunday, October 08, 2006

8 oct 2005

8:52 AM

An earthquake measuring 7.6 on Richter scale hit azad Kashmir and some areas of N.W.F.P .it was indeed a very sad day. One can felt the sadness in the environment on that day. it was second Ramadan .I got up at 9 am and stunned to saw the rubble of Margalla hills. Up to that time we were unaware of the destruction happened in other areas.
Next day when TV channels started showing the destruction happened in muzafarabad,balakot and bagh ,,,,it was terrible
I still remember when Hamid Mir, Geo Reporter was in Kashmir ,,, he asked to a kid that why he is crying,,he pointed out to a body lying on the road and said he is my brother,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I still remember the video of the collapsing of margalla towers,,someone made through his/her mobile phone,,,and passerby said loudly " bhaion ! Kalima perh loo",,,,
Watching people crying for their loved one and parents holding the dead bodies of their kids,,,,,,,,,,,, those was days when I saw the grief in the face of every Pakistani,,,,,,,,
Some say earthquake was a test and some say it was a punishment from Allah,,,,Allah knows better.........
Brig.Ahsan who was in charge of azad Kashmir army when earthquake came,,,he himself lost his 10 year old son, but he came to work after burial to help other .

With all those tragic moments we faced as a nation on 8 Oct 2005,,one positive aspects was that the way we as a nation behaved was overwhelming,,,,,

Today is a first anniversary of 8 October earthquake, I saw the generosity of people last year but we need it again to rebuild the earthquake-affected areas

Aadmi ko jala ke sholon mein
Yeh tu kundan banana atee hain
Mushkilo se kabhi na ghabrana

Mushkilain azmane atee atee hain

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  1. Tauqeer said...
    It was a sad day indeed, hope such an event brings the best of our collective nationalism and we may all act positively in national matters.

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