Friday, September 22, 2006

An excerpt from " The path of Khan " published in The observer ,touched my heart,........... tears rolled down on my cheeks after reading this particular passage ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So I decided to write it here...........

"It was watching his mother die an awful death of cancer, unable to get treatment or even pain relief in Pakistan, that drove him to his proudest achievement, a $25m cancer hospital named in her honour in Lahore. He raised the money through campaigns and donation.
He started with Pakistan's richest men , many of whom had gone to his school, but quickly realised that generosity had nothing to do with wealth. So he went to the public: he enlisted the help of a small army of children - even though to start with he was terrified to stand up in front of a school assembly. 'In the end,' he says , 'I needed $4m in six weeks. I got an open jeep, put a big sack for money on the back and toured from north to south asking for help. I started at seven in the morning and carried on till midnight. In those six weeks I changed. I realised the generosity of tea boys, taxi drivers, the poorest people bringing 10 rupee notes - and also their faith. I was saying,"Don't worry: save your money". And they said, "We are not doing it for you, we are doing it for our God"."


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