Wednesday, September 06, 2006

what should I write abt this is 6 September,,,

Day of a victory,,,Day of Destiny,,,Day of sacrifice...

This very day always bring loads of sentiments,,,but with pleasure,,

There is some sadness always there exclusively for me,,,

Sadness of being not one of them,,,,, but

I always try to console myself by saying that " I tried" and that's the thing which matter...

Some past days I came to realize,,,that Flying was not a suitable job for me, but
the fact was i really wanted to do that, but what Allah knows we don' that is the full stop of everyone's life.

On this day ,I also would like to write on my blog
one of my favorite quotation ..

" If I don't return, tell them that I sacrificed my today for their tomorrow"

says an air force official while taking off the plane ...................

Love this najam sheraz

In fizaoon se agey

asmano se agey

kehkashaoon se agey

hum ko jana hai kaheen

neelgon aasman

surma,een badliyan

bazoon main bharee

shoq ki bijliyan

in fizaoon mein yeh kaisa ehsaas

mai terey pas hoon tu merey pas

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  1. Khawab said...
    how r ya? well i read ur comment on ma blog....thanx for leaving ur marks.....

    keep on writing i like da way u express ur feelings....
    hit back someday
    Take Care

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