Saturday, May 06, 2006

hmm,,,so again exam is ready to come,,,starting from 16th,,,,,,,
i m feeling exhausted,awful,,,,I lost my statistics file,,,i solved all the question in it ,,there are so many student who photostated my solution,,as i did all the work very systemetically and cleanly,,,,,,and now it get lost,,,,,:o (
yesterday i recieved four phone calls,,,from friends ,,,,,every one wanted their work to be done,,,what should i do with my work??
Early in the morning i made a whole report on " child labor" for a friend,,and still my own report on "life and its purpose" is still incomplete...i just can't refused people............but i cann't do others work all the time aswell,,,,,,
I acted so rudely in university today....i m feeling exhasuted,,,have to do so many assignments,,have to complete my report,,have to make two programing assignment aswell,,and prepare for the presentation ,,a headache near exam ,,,,and then has to prepare for the exam also,,,has to sleep also,,,as i just slept for 4 hours last night,,,,i m feeling irritated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

what i do????????????


  1. Suleman said...
    take it easy fighter pilot, one at a time, and u'll do it all.

    btw, u never told,what other degree u're doing ?
    Tauqeer said...
    relax! just be MEAN for a month and your sorted, believe me sometimes you have to be :)
    Anaa said...
    welcome again,,,
    Suleman! Right strategy "one at a time",,I will try to work on it,,,other degree,,hmm,,,Masters in Public Administration

    Tauqeer ! yeah Right ,,sometime one has to be.....:)
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    Tauqeer said...
    still doin exams?8-)
    Anaa said...
    exam is over,,bro Tauqeer....,,,

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