Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So nowadays days are so boring,,,weather is extremely hot here ,,,so is temper. still studies is going on in university but i m not going ,,,as i do not like my university ,,,my all class mates are dumb ,,or may be it is other way around.......i m in the last year of my bechelor in Information Technology ....and after that i have a plan to do other things .....may be then i will take some interest in studies....i m a B grade student,,may be u ask why....i know i can be good at studies,,,but i never take my studies as seriously as i should,,, but kiya kero Dil nahee chata..........
let me tell u the story behind "dil nahee chata",,,,actualy from my childhood i wanted to be a Fighter pilot ,,so one day when i came back home from university my sister showed me the advertisement that pakistan airforce are recruitng girls in airforce,,,i was so happy,,,,i passed all initial tests then airforce invited some selected girls to Inter Services Selection board ,,,i was one of them,,,we spent four days there ,,those four days are best and unforgetteble days of my life,I.S.S.B tests u psychologicaly,physicaly,educationaly much physical involvement there ,,,had to jump over trenches ,,had to walk on the robe,,and had to lift up heavy weight,,but i m not complaining ,,,,and a big interview...things were not going in favour of me there...and then we came back to home and the fifth day i recived a letter from I.S.S.B that u r " not recommeded "

Now three years passed but ,,( no idea what to write here )...I m living life ,,may be life is living me after that incident......i still find difficult to take interest in my educational life,,,,,,life became so hard for me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so this is most important reason,,,,i tried so mach hard to concentrate on studies but in vein,,,,nowadays i start praying,,,,,i know only Allah can help me and after this i can help my self,,,,as someone says
"God help those who help themseleves "
now enough for today....

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