Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So i found the place where i can write what i want .This is gonna be my first post to the blog),,but before this i want to tell that i am very difficult person to understand ,,,i ,myself is in proces of understanding myself,,and thats why i have very few friends ,,,,,so this is mine last year in the university,and i realy find difficult to study now,,i think i need some break........i did not sleep yesterday,,i awake whole night,,,,and nowadays it happened quite often ,,,,,i hope i will carry on this writing habit in future,,but i m such a irregular person......
These are the first abstract thoughts for my abstract diary....

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Am sorry for being SO late in welcoming you!:)

    But am looking forward to read more of your abstract thoughts. Because abstract thoughts can do wonders when they're nourished:)

    Adding you to my blog roll.
    Hoping to be in contact with you through 'writings':)

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