Saturday, September 03, 2005

hello dairy,
so as i told u that i m such an irregular person thats why i came here after two month ,,,,
so i am not feeling well nowdays ,,,even i don't have words to describe the situation,,sometime i want to lost somewhere,,,could be very dangerous if happened....i want to make myself right esp religiously,,,and i need a teacher,,someone to tell me what is right and what is wrong..,,,,
I m so down nowdays,,and there is so much i want to share with u ,diary but i don't have words,,,,it happened with everyone that there are no word to describe the situation....
i need peace .....,,,,,,
see ya again


  1. Aisha said...
    this post made me sad. I pray you find peace. Without peace, nothing else is worthwhile. Share your thoughts and work to find the joy in your life. It's there!
    Anaa said...
    thanx aisha..will try to act on ur advice

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