Sunday, December 28, 2008

The recent situation at the border is really tense but the morale of a nation and forces are high .we all should keep in mind that in every threat there is an opportunity. it is time to be united and time to tell our enemy that

با طل سے ڈرنےوالے اےآسماں نہيں ہم
سو بار کر چکا ہےتوامتحا ں ہمارا

کافرہے تو شمشير پہ کرتا ہے بھروسہ
مومن ہے تو بے تيغ بھی لڑتا يے سپاہی


  1. Viks said...
    They can't be our enemies 'cause they look like us, they eat the same food we do; they are a mere reflection of us in the mirror.

    I don't think there is any ememy, but if there is, it's the one who made us hate our reflection in the mirror.

    We just need to find who they are!
    Suleman said...
    Interesting Anaa. Yet you pose your post with an F-16. :)
    Anaa said...
    hi Viks
    well,,there is people to people relationship between india and Pakistan. So many Pakistani has relatives in india.
    and there is no doubt that the masses of india are also facing the same problems which we are facing but indian
    government always has agenda against Pakistan......
    " Do more " from india is unacceptable

    hi Suleman
    Good to see u back.....
    hmm,,F-16..just wanna tell every one that "Pakistanairforce is Awake"
    wese u made an interesting point....... :)
    like others we also need arms,aircraft , lakin bharosa Allah per hi hona chaiye..

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