Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Bichre milte hain bad mudat ke
Us ko Roz-e-saeed kehte hain
Dard auroon ke bant kene ko
Bazm-e-hasti mein Eid kehte hain

Happy Eid To Every One ESPECIALLY you!


  1. Fahad said...
    Assalamo Alaikum

    I was searching for some excerpts of Umera Ahmad when google showed me your way.. and I began to read your diary. Wonderful effort.. hopefully you will be adding such materials on your diary.. You are also invited to bluefahad.blogspot.com
    Anaa said...
    welcome to my place and thanx for nice comments.
    So actually umera brought u here..hmm,,yup she is one of my favourite writer..an influential one...
    keep visiting!

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