Tuesday, December 27, 2005

let's talk abt flying. Flying is something i am in love with.once its liking crossed the boundries but now it comes in its boundries again.i love aircraft,aeroplanes and helis and stuff like that. u must think i m freak ,,may be i m. Not preety much sure abt it.i have heard and seen that those who failed in worldly love ( ishq-e-mijazi) get a chance to be involved in real love (ishq-e-haqiqi),,may Allah give me chance to be involved in that,,,,

so we were talking abt flying,,once i got a chance ,,chance to be part of my favourite organization as fighter pilot but i failed...years back one day i decided if i get a chance and i would get failed then i would commit suicide but when i realy failed i didn't commit any suicide ,,because i think i m not that type of person or so....,,so i gave up that nasty idea,,,,but the love of flying is still with me and will be with me all the time,,,,but i know for sure that life is not all abt flying,,u have to see life in braoder terms,,life is a test ,,,i m not feeling well at this time ,,,it happens when i hear abt the death of someone,,,yesterday i heard abt a death of one of my neigbourer . he was quite young,,,in his early twenties,,,he had been fighting with the throat cancer from a year or so,,,when yesterday i heard abt his death,from then i has been thinking abt the death and that guy,,,,even i don't know him,,this happen to me and ,,may be it happen with every one,,,will share my thoughts abt flying in future


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